The Final Night of the Monarchy

How the Revolution and the Munich Soviet Republic Produced Adolf Hitler

The centennial of the Revolution: an extraordinary historical overview

On November 7, 1918, the House of Wittelsbach fell from power in Bavaria, followed in short succession by all of the other German royal houses. Prior to the founding of the Republic on November 9, Kurt Eisner established the Bavarian Republic as an independent state. This groundbreaking event paved the way for the rise of National Socialism. Appel recreates the starting point of this historical drama through vivid memories and contemporary journal accounts. This study describes the roots of the Revolution, the last night of the monarchy, and the subsequent decisive days. Appel also provides a lively description of the period of the Independent State of Bavaria through the assassination of Kurt Eisner, the declaration of the Munich Soviet Republic, and Hitler’s initial steps toward setting the stage for counterrevolution.


dtv Sachbuch
384 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28162-1
9. März 2018