A Little Nice Mowing

The gardener isn’t always the murderer

Dietmar and his wife’s marriage is like many others: she enjoys gardening, and he has to help out. And yet, he is more of an indoors kind of guy, who would rather observe the bushes he is supposed to be clipping from his desk. This is why they decide to hire professional help at the start of this year’s gardening season. But soon Dietmar has a problem. How is he going to get rid of the attractive gardener his wife hired to help her with the rugged gardening tasks at the hillside property on which their weekend house is situated? He is young and athletic, and he enjoys doing his sweaty tasks without his shirt on and sitting around lazily on the new riding mower. Besides that, it doesn’t take long before he is devoting more and more of his attention to the passionate amateur gardener than to the garden’s glorious flowers. Dietmar watches the game play itself out throughout the summer, but once fall arrives, he decides to take more drastic measures...


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28214-7
21. Februar 2020