Something Worthwhile

“Isn’t a deep passion the only justification for living?”

Clarita von Trott zu Solz sets a pail beside her bed in which she can quickly burn dangerous documents if needed. Annedore Leber has fought for years to get her husband freed from prison. Freya von Moltke and Marion von Yorck transport secret documents back and forth between their estates in Eastern Germany and Berlin. However, more than anything else, the women provide the facade of private gatherings behind which their husbands grapple with what a sustainable post-war future for Germany and Europe could look like. When Count von Moltke is arrested, most of the others throw their lots in with von Stauffenberg, deciding that the future cannot be ushered in without an assassination.

A fascinating novel about the members of the Kreisau Circle and the civilian arm of the July 20 conspiracy. Thoroughly researched, this book provides a powerful commentary on what counts as “something worthwhile” through its diverse narrative perspectives.

  • A deeply moving novel about the people - particularly the women - involved in the German Resistance
  • Vivid, lived history in an intriguing novel
Volume: 2


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
416 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28257-4
22. Januar 2021