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Oh dear, Earth!

The major issues of our age in surprising contexts

Could we have things nicer than they are now? Absolutely! And healthier.
We are living better and longer than any generation that has come before us. And yet we are more
vulnerable than we thought: a virus is keeping us in suspense, and we are sliding at full speed
toward a climate crisis. It is slowly dawning on us that our health is composed of more than pills
and gadgets. First and foremost, we humans need things to eat, drink and breathe in order to
remain healthy. And tolerable external temperatures.
A healthy planet is the prerequisite for a healthy human race.
Eckart von Hirschhausen wishes to show us what the global crises of our age mean for the health
of each and every one of us. He met with various ideological leaders and role models during his
search for good ideas on how to create a better world. Why is it that we can become immune to
viruses, but never to water shortages and heat? Why do we never have time for anything, although
we have so much stuff? Do we consume so much because we have no idea what we actually need?
And how much CO2 do we really exhale when we laugh at our own contradictions?

  • This book is a trove of astonishing facts, reports, essays, and intersections
  • A subjective nonfiction book: personal, pointed, healthy
  • 7 million copies sold of his books in Germany!
  • All of his books have been in the top 10 of the Spiegel bestselling list
  • Previous books sold to: Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, PR China, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, The Netherlands


dtv Sachbuch
528 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28276-5
3. Auflage 2021