Trying to Catch a Silver Eel

Not every dream that has been carried through the years can be fulfilled in the here and now

Tomorrow everything will be different, or it won’t matter anymore. That sums up the lives of the residents of the run-down spa town of Villrath. Ever since the local therapeutic spring dried up years ago, the guest rooms have stood empty. But then construction workers unearth a mineral-rich trickle. What could bring back the glory of bygone days if not the good old medicinal waters?
Vera, the last wearer of the Villrath mermaid crown and proprietor of the Stübchen Pub, decides against all logic to revive an old childhood dream - if necessary, with lies and deception. Old Kamps, who is becoming increasingly paranoid and obsessed with order, wants to use this second chance to fulfill one last wish. And while the adults are distracted, Johannes sets off for freedom, or what he thinks is freedom.

• Told with a refined wit, the tragicomic story of a handful of down-and-out townspeople who try everything they can to turn their lives around
• The unpredictability of second chances
• For readers of Juli Zeh


dtv Literatur
432 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28296-3
23. Juli 2021