dtv-Atlas Architecture (2 volumes)


Volume 1: Architecture as an autonomous process – The component parts – The building as a framework: half-timbered houses, Doric temples, domed structures, frame construction methods – Architecture as a reflection of its historical context – A history of architecture: Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Aegean, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine

Volume 2: The Middle Ages: types of construction, urban development, municipal buildings, castles, convents and monasteries, religious buildings – Modern Times I: the Renaissance, the Baroque, development within towns and cities, royal palaces and residences, sacred buildings – Modern Times II: construction and form, concrete and reinforced steel, urban development, industrial construction, administrative buildings, skyscrapers, towers, theatres, sport stadiums – Current development and future trends.

The two-volume ›dtv-Atlas of Architecture‹ outlines the basics of the subject, both theoretical and technical; introduces the developments and difficulties encountered by practitioners; and provides a chronological overview of key works of architecture, starting from the early advanced civilizations and taking us right through to the present day. Geographical survey maps and time lines serve as an introduction to the chapters, each of which deals with a specific subject and period. The text is supplemented by numerous illustrations. This atlas is a study of architectural history and design. Furnished with a complete index, it is also a comprehensive and authoritative reference book.


dtv Sachbuch
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-03020-5
16. Auflage 2013
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