Nietzsche for Beginners. The Birth of Tragedy

A Reading Introduction.
It was Nietzsche himself who called his first publication a "bold book", a "book suitable perhaps for artists with a side inclination to analytical and retrospective capability, full of psychological innovation and artists' secrecies, with the metaphysics of an artist in the back of his mind, a work of youth full of a youth's daring and melancholy..., in short, a first work in every bad sense of the word in spite of the senile problem it deals with: to see science through the eyes of the artist, to see art from the aspect of life."

The objects of this famous book are nature and art, the 'Dionysian' and 'Apollonian' forces in whose duplicity all life rests. The harmonizing concept of the Greeks that the Germans had at the beginning of the 19th century is sharply corrected, and the attempt at scientific objectivity is unmasked as a symptom of decadence.

If anyone is still doubtful about the necessity of this reading, he may consult Giorgio Colli's words on Nietzsche's 1872 text: "In a certain sense, 'Die Geburt der Tragödie' is Nietzsche's most mystical work since it requires a 'consecration'. There are steps that may be reached and overcome in order to penetrate this mystical world".


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November 1999
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