Wisdom for the Day After Tomorrow

Underlinings from the Estate (1869-1889)
'Wisdom for the day after tomorrow' is the title Nietzsche had wanted to give to a collection of his various fragmented ideas, as it says in his notebook of autumn 1888 - essentially a prologue to his planned but never executed major work 'The Will to Power'. This book is the attempt to reconstruct this intention: to sketch and to mark a world of ideas from Nietzsche’s notes and scripts which are in no way as fragmentary and disjoined as some Nietzsche critics presume. Not only was Nietzsche proud of his capacity to say in one sentence what others could not express in a whole book; a view of his writings that were left behind shows that he could in one - or two or three - sentences illuminate the spiritual perspective of his philosophy.


dtv Sachbuch
320 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-30733-8
2. Auflage 1999
Rights sold: Portugal, Brazil