My Life After My Survival

After the enormous success of her autobiographical report I Wore the Yellow Star, Inge Deutschkron wrote about her life between May 8, 1945 and the early nineties. What she had experienced unter the Nazis was her "starting capital" for a new life after the war, but also a burden. "I created for myself an ideal picture of a new Germany, a Germany where a new spirit would reign. I had enough personal experience in how to survive, but I was extremely naive with respect to life's realities".

Her life became uncomfortable, and she made it more so by taking on a position as a military and political journalist, which brought her into contact with old and new Nazis forced her to track and evaluate the political development of Israel.

Inge Deutschkron's report represents half a century of postwar history that is made understandable by her uncorruptible and extraordinary way of seeing things.


dtv Sachbuch
384 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-30789-5
3. Auflage 2001