Leave Me Alone, But Don’t Leave Me

ADHAD in Relationships
»ADHAD has almost become the major disorder of our time.« Psychologie heute

As children they were always being told to sit still, to stop fidgeting or »daydreaming«; as grown ups they still suffer from severe problems which are attributed to a condition known as ADHAD, attention deficit disorder (with or without hyperactivity). There is now plenty of scientific evidence to confirm that this disorder doesn’t simply disappear with age.

Cordula Neuhaus, one of Germany’s foremost ADHAD-therapists, focuses on what is undoubtedly one of the most distressing and painful aspects of this problem for ADHAD sufferers – relationships with others. With sensitivity and compassion she describes how the impulsive, playful, moody and confused nature of those afflicted with this disorder can put a sometimes intolerable strain on their relationships, frequently leading to their breakdown – as does the idiosyncratic manner in which the ADHAD sufferers deal with closeness and distance in relationships. Prone to sudden bursts of enthusiasm, they are just as likely to feel stifled or rejected.

This book offers tangible advice and helpful techniques for achieving more effective forms of communication and interaction, as well as encouragement in adopting a cheerful »despite everything« attitude. Because ADHAD relationships can be made to work – with the help of lots of patience, plenty of empathy and something which has always been the strong point of ADHAD sufferers: a great sense of humour.


dtv Ratgeber
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34106-6
15. Auflage 2020