Jealousy – A Study

Love triangles – personal experiences and possible solutions
We are all familiar with feelings of jealousy, after all they’re part of love – the dark side. But if it gets out of control it is as much of a burden for those suffering from it as it is for their partners, and it can destroy a relationship. Without setting limits, without a willingness to change, without discussion, it will be impossible to resolve. The key is to learn new ways of responding to such situations – primarily to work on changing your own attitude, but also changing your approach to your partner – to gain a new understanding of yourself and to develop the ability to ‘let go’ of the other. Hildegard Baumgart takes the view that if you recognize the situation is making you suffer, this is the first step towards overcoming it. She has compiled an impressive and comprehensive study of the subject: referring to case studies, applying psychological theories and dealing with the cultural history of this emotion, she paints a vivid picture of the phenomenon and its many facets and shows how we can get a handle on “the green-eyed monster”.


dtv Sachbuch
384 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34329-9
1. Auflage, August 2006
Rights sold: US/UK, Romania