How parents can support their children. Making learning easier with the FOCUS-SCHOOL

»I just can’t make it stick!« This is something every parent will have heard. So how can children retain information quickly and permanently?

The third and final volume in the series follows the same pattern as the other manuals. To begin with, the author outlines what is involved in terms of neurobiology and psychology: how does the memory work? Then she explores such questions as the differing levels of achievement that can be expected at particular ages in children. What factors impair the memory’s performance? What environmental and other conditions are beneficial? How can you help your child to develop its memory skills without causing unnecessary strain? A test section graduated according to age will identify each child’s strengths and weaknesses. A series of suggestions and exercises then allow you to turn these findings into a concrete plan of action.

Help your child to do better at school with a memory work-out


dtv Ratgeber
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34506-4
1. Auflage, September 2008
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