Crisis Management (Made Easy)

What’s the best way to deal with life’s crises – both major and minor? When faced with a problem, we can put it in perspective by calling on the inner resources we all have at our disposal — the forces that keep us in equilibrium. Christoph Emmelmann shows us how to tap these resources; for example, we can take power by visualising a place of strength or somewhere that gives us comfort. Most effective of all is the ability to develop a sense of humour to help defuse stressful situations.

But how exactly do we manage this shift in perspective – turning problems into resources – quickly, effectively, and sustainably? By using physical training to stimulate both halves of the brain and employing a regime of exercises that help reinforce our inner resources.


dtv Ratgeber
112 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34798-3
1. Januar 2014