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Is This Supposed to Be Love?

How to Effectively Escape a Narcissistic Relationship

After spending twenty years in a marriage in which she primarily just “functioned,” Sonja R. falls head over heels in love. As emotionally starved as she is, Frank gives her everything she has been missing for years. However, Sonja has found herself in the arms of a narcissist, a man who wants to monopolize her and who systematically destroys her sense of self-worth. This narcissistic relationship lasts seven years, until Sonja R. is finally able to break away from it after many attempts.

Bärbel Wardetzki provides commentary on the various phases of this relationship from the psychological-psychoanalytical perspective. She distinguishes healthy from malignant narcissism and describes the warning signs. The main thrust of this book relates to the question of what compels women to remain in destructive relationships, twisting the truth and lying to themselves as a protective mechanism. Wardetzki clarifies the behavioral patterns, and describes in detail the processes of escape and stabilization.

- Bärbel Wardetzki is one of the top experts on the subject of narcissism
- The connection between the inside perspective (the depiction of the relationship through the eyes of the woman who was in it) and the commentary from an experienced psychologist is equally enlightening and helpful for those who find themselves in similar relationships


dtv Ratgeber
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34987-1
18. März 2021
Rights sold: Korea