A Prince of Silver and Gold

She danced into his cold heart, and he robbed her of her freedom...

In honor of its new king, Copper City is hosting an extravagent festival, and Sofija Rea Linn enchants the king’s young heir with her breath-taking tambourine dancing. He wants her to dance for him alone. So he abducts her, imprisoning her in his castle. In captivity, Sofija doesn’t fall in love with him as he had planned, but instead, to everyone’s surprise, with his brother! This is high treason! No one can escape the king’s wrath. He punishes his brother by robbing him of his kindness. Only Sofija can save her sweetheart from the king’s clutches, even if that means putting her own life at risk.

• An atmospheric, visually stunning fantasy romance from a young, talented author
• Sparkling, romantic and grounded in a highly original world building framework


dtv Junior
592 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-43707-3
2. Auflage 2021