Together, Alone

16-year-old Agnes is a member of the German minority living in Kronstadt, Romania, at the time of Ceausescu. Overnight, she is left completely on her own after both parents, one after the other, leave to travel to the West and don’t come back. Even the longed-for Western jeans and her parents’ assurances that they will be coming back to get her soon cannot alleviate her sadness. And although from now on she feels the severity of Ceausescu’s regime at full force, she loves her homeland and is more adamant than ever that she doesn’t want to leave it. But then she is inadvertently responsible for Petre, the love of her life, becoming a victim of the corrupt state system and she has to look on helplessly as he is almost destroyed by it. As a result, Agnes realises that a decent life can only be lived if there are decent conditions, and that everyone has to do what they can to stand up to the despotism and the oppression.

Winner of the Frau Ava Prize for Literature 2007

Shortlisted for the German Children's Literature Award/Young Adult 2011


dtv Reihe Hanser
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-62450-3
2. Auflage 2011
Rights available again: Slovenia