Vacation adventures at Grandma’s

Vacation at Grandma’s house in the country. It is great, but unfortunately nobody Toni’s age lives nearby. But then she meets a boy who is also a newcomer to the village. She can go out in the boat with him. And then there is the grumpy neighbor next door. Whenever he leaves his farm, Toni goes over and visits his animals. When one day she accidentally overhears a telephone conversation, she comes to the conclusion that the farmer intends to butcher his chickens. Obviously, a bloodbath like this must be stopped! The nighttime chicken abduction to an absolutely secure hiding place is a success. At first. But then everything ends in a disaster involving all sorts of fire engines. (Fortunately without any injuries.) What bad luck! Above all, because the farmer had never even considered sending his animals to poultry heaven…

- A heart-warming child-grandmother story
- About a sense of responsibility for animals and the freedom of children to pursue their own lives without close adult supervision


dtv Reihe Hanser
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-64033-6
4. August 2017