On the Waves

Five days on the river may last longer than an entire lifetime

When the missionary Friedrich Ganze returns home to Bujora from a trip, he discovers that his wife Eva is dead and his daughter Gertrud is deathly ill. The shaman of the African village hurries to their house and helps Gertrud with his healing skills, but he knows of only way to save the child’s life. The father and daughter must undertake the long boat trip upriver so that Gertrud can be treated in a hospital. Friedrich is underway for five days and five nights with his child. The boat trip is interrupted by short stretches covered on land, during which the missionary meets the people living along the river who offer him their aid. It is a treacherous journey that will change him forever. And will save Gertrud’s life.

- A new edition of the classic novel


dtv Reihe Hanser
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-64038-1
9. März 2018