The Blueberry Detectives: Island Forest in danger! (vol. I)

The beginning of a wonderful new detective series for children

A village somewhere in the middle of Finland, located at a lake with a small harbor and an impressive number of islands. One of these islands is home to the secret headquarters of the Blueberry Detectives. The Blueberry Detectives are the wild twin sisters Alma and Selma, their little brother Samu, Oskari from next door, and the dog Riku. In their first case, the Blueberry Detectives end up on the trail of a sneaky sawmill owner. For years, he’s been eying the ancient, protected oaks on Blueberry Island. In order to win the mayor’s permission to cut down the trees, the mill owner resorts to a dirty trick: bark beetles. Wherever this bug is found, the trees must be cut down to prevent infestation. Thank goodness the Blueberry Detectives are on the case…

  • The first volume in a new detective series for kids
  • For all fans of the Karlsson, Bullerby, and Famous Five series
  • Pertti Kivinen is a pseudonym for an internationally renowned husband and wife team
Volume: 1


dtv Reihe Hanser
Aus dem Finnischen von Anu Stohner
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-64048-0
4. Auflage 2020