The Blueberry Detectives: Be Aware of the Ghost Elk! (vol. II)

Some time has passed since the Blueberry Detectives’ spectacular first case. In their latest adventure a rumor is making the rounds about an eerie elk that practically dissolves into mist as soon as you try to approach it. The ghost elk is now attracting so many curious tourists that even Hecht, the astonishingly
bad, only restaurant in town, is packed at lunchtime. Of course, our detectives are soon busy with their own investigation, and without any supernatural hocus pocus, they find themselves on the verge of solving their second case.
  • For fans of the Karlsson, Bullerby, and Famous Five series
  • Pertti Kivinen is the pseudonym of the internationally renowned author Friedbert Stohner
  • Soon to come: a third adventure of dtv’s Fab 5!
Volume: 2


dtv Reihe Hanser
Aus dem Finnischen von Anu Stohner
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-64052-7
20. September 2019