The Blueberry Detectives: In Search of the Master Thief (vol. III)

The third case for the Blueberry Detectives

A band of thieves seems to be stirring up mischief in town. However, the strange thing is that the stolen items are mostly small things which reappear after a few days’ time. Even the valuable painting View of Paradise reappears shows back up on its wall in the brand-new local museum. The Blueberry Detectives remain skeptical and soon realize that the painting is an excellent copy. Were the other thefts simply a maneuver to cover for the art theft? And who will track down the brilliant forger? The Blueberry Detectives for sure!

Volume: 3


dtv Reihe Hanser
Aus dem Finnischen von Anu Stohner
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-64060-2
21. Februar 2020