The Children from Dragon Valley

Silently, dozens of balloons appeared in the sky, hot air balloons, gently bobbing spheres, in all the colours of the rainbow. Like a shoal of brightly coloured fish making its way through the ocean. More and more of them kept appearing. And they all seemed to be heading for the same place.

Jelle, who’s mad about maths, and Rembrandt, a dreamy girl who loves painting, are like so many other children from all over the world abducted by remote-controlled hot air balloons bearing dragon emblems and taken to a remote mountain valley. Having been put into a trance by photos on a cell phone beforehand, at first they don’t find this particularly strange. Only Feline is suspicious of the paradise apparently being offered to the children.

While the others go about enthusiastically setting up a self-administered children’s camp, Feline keeps asking her new friends Jelle and Rembrandt difficult questions: Who has made all this available and why? Why do the cell phones keep on sending them new, hypnotic photos, but won’t allow them any contact with the outside world? And what about the lemonade that makes you sleepy and self-satisfied? The three of them set out together to find out what’s really going on....


dtv Junior
208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-70976-7
2. Auflage, April 2007