The Mystery Of The Amphora

A Detective Story From Ancient Rome For You To Solve. With b/w illustrations by Marei Schweitzer
Rome at the time of Caesar: when the four children Cornelia, Titus, Gaius and Publius dig up an old amphora they find in the mud of the Tiber, they are quite sure it must be hidden pirates’ treasure. But the amphora contains neither gold nor precious stones, instead there’s a mysterious letter – the last words of a man sentenced to death! In it, someone called Dionysios protests his innocence, he is not a murderer, his last hope is that someone will find these words after his death and bring to justice the true perpetrators of the crime. The four friends are amazed: by the gods they will solve this case! But what really happened? Why did Dionysius have to die?
By using their brains and with the help of the reader – there is a question to be answered at the end of every chapter – Cornelia and her friends eventually solve a crime that took place many years ago. And now, of all times, the villains want to reap the profit of the crime committed so long ago – but they reckoned without the four friends!

A detective story from ancient Rome with a case to rack your brains over – for readers who want to know more!


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-70982-8
7. Auflage 2018
Rights sold: Turkey