Ella Kicks Off

With b/w vignettes by Regina Kehn
Ella loves football. As far back as she can remember, she has always played with her brother Lino. A year older than her, he has taught her all the tricks and nifty manoeuvres he knows. But then Lino gets together his own team, and it’s boys-only – their number one player is Marvin Winter, known as Malle. Naturally Ella has a crush on him, and it goes without saying that she wants to join the team. When Malle falls out with big-headed Lino and starts up his own team at school, Ella is one of the first to apply! Things start to get tough for Lino – now that there’s a rival team, his players are all starting to desert him. Eventually he gives up, whilst Malle’s team goes from strength to strength, not least thanks to Ella. It’s all running smoothly for Ella – until, just before the decisive game, Malle has to drop out. The only suitable replacement for him is Lino! Now there’s only one thing for it: the siblings, who’ve not even been on speaking terms, have to swallow their pride…


dtv Junior
176 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71154-8