The Missing Papyrus

A detective story set in Ancient Egypt you can help to solve

Egypt 1300 B.C: the aged and highly respected scribe Neferhotep is dead. He leaves behind a large collection of writings, amongst them a priceless medical text written on papyrus, which was meant to be left to the magician and healer Pabekamun. Such were the terms of the dead man’s will. But someone who is still very much alive evidently has a different view of the matter and steals the papyrus.

The twin sisters Henti and Sherit do everything in their power to find the truth and ensure that their grandfather’s last will is honoured. Their investigations take them and the readers from their home village to Thebes, the capital of the empire, with its world-famous temples. Assisted by eagle-eyed readers, they solve a myriad of puzzles and even succeed in uncovering a real conspiracy …


dtv Junior
184 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71262-0
3. Auflage, September 2009
Rights sold: Turkey