Ambush On The Dragon Ship

A Case from the time of the Vikings for you to help to solve

Who stole the Viking’s treasure?

Helge Helgeson, the old jarl of Haithabu is dead! In keeping with ancient Viking traditions, he is to be buried at sea. But the night before the ceremony is due to take place the ship disappears! And with it the treasure that is meant to accompany the dead man on his final journey. Who would be capable of committing such a sacrilegious deed? The quick-witted children Solveig, Sven and Gunnar do everything in their power to find the thief.

But then where would the three detectives be without the vigilant readers? They play an active part in the investigations and, at the same time, learn a great deal about everyday life in one of the most significant Viking settlements: about ship-building and trade routes, burial rites and religion, runic writing and jurisdiction.


dtv Junior
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71292-7
3. Auflage 2015
Rights sold: Turkey