Scandal in Olympia

A detective story set in ancient Greece and a case you can help to solve

At the Olympic games in the year 350 B.C. young Kapros has a good chance of winning the pentathlon and the wrestling competition. But then he suddenly goes missing! Has he lost his nerve all of a sudden and been frightened off by the strength of the competition?

Surely not! The three children Kasia, Nike and Hippias, who is Kapros´ brother, are determined to find out what has happened. Eventually, in the midst of all the frantic activity of the games, they reveal the sinister intrigues taking place behind the scenes. Until the culprits are finally convicted, the three detectives – and with them the readers of today –are able to explore the venues where the original Olympic games took place, the course of the games and the life of the athletes, as well as solving several puzzles with the heroes of the story!


dtv Junior
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71301-6
2. Auflage 2009
Rights sold: Turkey