The Lion Amulet

An adventure set in Ancient Rome

Illustrated by Daniel Sohr

It is ancient Rome, in the age of Augustus. Delia, the daughter of the great poet Ovid, is in love with a slave, Myron. One night, Myron tangles with a burglar in his master’s house, and manages to wrest an amulet, depicting a lion, from his assailant. When he ends up being accused of being the thief, he finds refuge at Delia’s home, and thrusts the amulet into her hand. Now it is up to Delia and her friend Lycoris to save Myron. The two noblewomen, now self-appointed detectives, search the length and breadth of Rome. They come across an ominous trail....


dtv Junior
176 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71339-9