Wanda's Wild Heroes

With 2-colour illustrations by the Author

Wanda can’t believe what’s happening! Dad’s girlfriend Inge has finally given birth to a lovely baby boy, and Wanda is just getting used to the idea that she has a brother, when it turns out he’s not the only one: it seems Mama’s boyfriend, Bertfried, also has a son. His name is Wassily, he’s coming to stay for the summer holidays, and – guess what? – he’s 12 years old! Of course this means Wanda’s life will be turned upside down all over again! It’s not as if Wanda, Fabian and Katti don’t already have quite enough on their plate, what with the preparations for the town’s medieval festivities and the girl-hater gang bound to turn up again any minute, out for revenge after their last humiliating defeat. But don’t worry – Wanda has always been able to keep all her wild heroes under control.

The last in the series: non-stop action from the first page to the last in Wanda’s breathtaking grand finale!


dtv Junior
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71355-9
1. Auflage, Mai 2009
Rights sold: Bulgaria, Chinese (simplified characters), Catalan, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia
Rights available again: Spain (Castilian)