The Eyes Of The Hydra

A detective story from ancient Rome for you to solve.

Who has kidnapped their teacher? Another case for the young detectives Cornelia & Co.

In the age of Caesar’s Rome, Cornelia and her friends Titus, Publius and Gaius, have arrived on the dot for today’s lesson. But something is wrong – their teacher, Marcus Antonius, isn’t here. Soon it becomes clear that the pedagogue has been kidnapped. But why would anyone want to abduct a teacher? Their curiosity piqued, Cornelia & Co decide to look into the matter. They soon discover that their professor has been leading a secretive double life: as well as being a schoolteacher, he is an agent employed by Caesar to spy on the Egyptians. In their search for their teacher, the children come up against the fearsome and mysterious “Eyes of the Hydra”. The young investigators will clearly need all the help they can get – and that’s where you come in…

“A thoroughly gripping children’s detective story as well as a first rate re-creation of everyday life in Ancient Rome” - Brigitte


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71370-2
3. Auflage 2014
Rights sold: Turkey