The Mummy's Secret

Egypt, in the year 2 BC: Hekab, the father of twins Tamut and Nefret, is murdered during a business trip. The orphaned sisters are forced from their home – Heriset, their father’s greedy sister, has sold it behind their back. What will become of them now? Luckily, the priestess Merit intervenes and arranges for them to serve the holy Apis bull – a true honour. Tamut develops a deep connection with the divine animal, who is desperately ill. When he dies, Tamut is given permission to follow him into the afterlife and bring her father back from the realm of the dead, with the help of an amulet he gave her as a parting gift before his trip. Tamut accepts the challenge…


dtv Junior
208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71427-3
1. Oktober 2010