Password to your Life

David is Sofie’s first real love. But then her friend Julia pinches him during a table tennis weekend that Sofie can’t take part in. The first photos of the new couple are posted on Facebook before David and Sofie have even had a chance to talk. Hurt and humiliated, Sofie retaliates by inventing “Mario”. She sets up an account under his name and has him post amorous messages to her. But one day she can’t access the fictional Mario’s account any more – instead she finds a message from him in her own inbox. It’s as if Mario had suddenly sprung to life! And then he starts to undermine Sofie by bombarding her with nasty messages that isolate her from her friends…

  • A gripping psycho-thriller on the red-hot subject of social networks and cyber-stalking


dtv Junior
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71540-9
1. Juni 2013