The Ice-Cold Heart

Lena and Leander have been a couple for several months… until the beautiful Vanessa appears on the scene. Although Lena guards her boyfriend like a jealous hawk, there’s nothing she can do to prevent him dumping her and taking up with Vanessa. Lena is raging with jealousy and doesn’t bother trying to hide it – so it goes without saying she’s the prime suspect when Vanessa is found dead in the aftermath of a party. Lena can’t remember anything, but when she discovers Vanessa’s earring in her handbag she begins to wonder if she really does have something to do with her death. Surprisingly, the only one who’s convinced of her innocence is Leander…

Press acclaim for The Villa of Silence

“With this book Ulrike Rylance has succeeded in producing a gripping tale that develops from a teenage story to a gory crime thriller that keeps the reader hooked over 240 suspenseful pages.”

  • Märkische Allgemeine


dtv Junior
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71541-6
1. Juli 2013