Totally Sick!

Bad luck comes in threes; instead of being pampered by his Aunt Astrid, Jan falls off his bike, breaks his leg and fetches up on the overcrowded children's wing of Munster University Hospital. To make matters worse, they put him in a girl’s ward where Agneta the matron refers to him as “little mouse”!

Meanwhile, the paramedics hand Jan an iPhone they think is his – someone must have left it in the ambulance that brought him in. Jan decides to pretend the phone really does belong to him – a disastrous error of judgment with catastrophic consequences. Suddenly, he finds himself cast in the role of a stock-market speculator, ad-man and faithless lover...

  • Wild, witty and out of this world! The new adventures of Jan, hero of the offbeat graphic novel Totally Spaced-Out!

Volume: 2


dtv Junior
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71549-2
5. Auflage 2017
Rights sold: Lithuania, Turkey,
Rights available again: Romania, Czech Republic