Wake Up and Scream!

They used to be inseparable—an entity, like three leaves of a clover. But then Laura slipped into a coma in the wake of an accident and a few months later the experienced mountaineer Kim plunged to her death from an apparently innocuous summit. When Miriam starts to investigate she has a bicycle accident that lands her in hospital with a broken leg and a bad case of concussion.

Miriam is sure this can’t all be coincidental, but nobody will believe her. They’re all convinced she’s just overwhelmed by grief—even Henry, Laura's boyfriend, plays it down, although he pays regular visits to both Laura and Miriam in hospital. Daniel, one of the nurses, lends a sympathetic ear, but it’s not long before Miriam starts to doubt her sanity. She’s dizzy all the time and there are some things that she just can’t seem to remember any more…


dtv Junior
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71610-9
1. Januar 2015