Totally Nuts

“Portland is completely and utterly insane! And I’m the one that’s in the firing line! Mind you, I guess he’s kind of my victim too... you know, one way or another. And now I’ve probably killed him...but I didn’t do it on purpose, honest! It’s all just a crazy mistake, I swear...”

Jan, master of borderline grades and effective displacement activities, is in serious danger of failing the year—because of his poor English. His parents are not amused and saddle him with a genuine British exchange student, thinking it’ll solve the problem. Fuckety-fuck! Jacky, Earl of Portland, may be everyone’s darling, but unfortunately he’s totally off his head! In the end Jan’s nerves are in tatters and the smart young earl is in deadly danger... well, not really, but nearly.

Press acclaim for earlier volumes in the series:

Action-packed yet leavened with exactly the right amount of serious touches guaranteed not to deter bibliophobes. There’s not only plenty to look at and read, but also plenty to laugh about.

- Rheinische Post

Volume: 4


dtv Junior
336 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71618-5
2. Auflage 2016
Rights sold: Lithuania