Things Aren't the Same without Little Vampie

Like father, like son? No such luck! If that were the case, then Frau Lizzi could enjoy a peaceful life in Vienna together with Purzel, Little Vampie’s son. But Purzel is no good at peace and quiet. Far from settling every dispute with a stab in the gall bladder as soon as it arises, Purzel is full of mischief and delights in every quarrel. When he starts gobbling BLOOD sausage as well, Frau Lizzi starts to get seriously concerned. It’s hardly surprising that she only has one wish: Little Vampie, please come home! But instead of returning from Transylvania, Little Vampie merely sends indecipherable messages. So what is Frau Lizzi to do now?

Volume: 4


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71756-4
5. Auflage 2021
Rights sold: China