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Quick! Save the Mammoth!

Ten-year-old Henry has his heart set on a dog of his very own. But then one day at the beginning of the Easter holidays he stumbles across a mound of leaves in the forest – concealed underneath it is a primordial creature—a shaggy little beast from a time long gone; a frozen dwarf-mammoth! Henry and his best friends Finn and Zoe decide to hide it in his garden. It’s just as well that Henry’s overprotective parents are away for a few days and his indulgent grandma Scarlett is the only adult around—because when the three kids secretly lay the animal in the hearth waiting for it to thaw out completely, there can be no doubt: it’s definitely a tiny mammoth, a little under a metre tall. Of course before long Norbert the Mammoth is causing all sorts of chaos and commotion. What are you supposed to do if his favourite breakfast is dental braces and maths notebooks? What if he just won’t stop growing? And most importantly, what do you do when Norbert suddenly finds himself in mortal danger?

• Who needs a dog when you can have a mammoth? Norbert is the most wonderful pet in the whole world, and his story is moving, enchanting and heart-warming.
• full of funny, imaginative and magical ideas for kids of 8 and over and their families


dtv Junior
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71804-2
28. Februar 2019