The Alignment of the World

They can only fulfill their fates together, but can they trust each other?

Since her father’s death, Laelia has been keeping herself and her little brother afloat as a pickpocket. This lasts until Nero, the master of the criminal underworld, notices her and puts a stop to her activities.

Hadrian, Nero’s designated deputy, seems on the verge of fulfilling his dreams, but does he want to sell the last part of his soul to the lord of the underworld? When Hadrian decides to turn against his mentor, he flees along with Laelia. They join up with a seer, whose vision sends six reluctant companions on a treacherous journey. But each of them has something to hide, and powerful enemies seek to stop them at all cost from fulfilling the prophecy.

  • An epic quest fantasy filled with fascinating world building elements and polished characters from a young, up-and-coming author


dtv Junior
448 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71852-3
13. März 2020