The City of Glass Dreams

What is reality, and what is dream?

Nevya’s dreams are as real to her as her waking life. It’s more than that, though. She feels at home in her dreams. There she has friends. There she knows what to do with herself. This is different from her reality. But one day, her fantasy world seems to vanish. Someone has stolen her dreams and blocked her path back into the world of dreams. On her search to get them back, Nevya finds herself caught in a vortex of secrets, betrayal and misdeeds. In the end, she learns a painful lesson about the power that nightmares have.

  • An atmospheric urban fantasy novel from a young, up-and-coming author
  • A fascinating and multifaceted dream world whose secrets will rob the readers‘ sleep
  • For fans of Kerstin Gier and Emily Bold


dtv Junior
352 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71868-4
23. Oktober 2020