The Shot

Standing on the sidelines isn’t an option

One day in his apartment block, seventeen-year-old Robin witnesses the murder of a far-right German Alternative Party member, whose leader, Fred, is one of Robin’s childhood friends. The party followers place the blame on repeat offender Hakan, while using the brutal killing to stoke xenophobia and fear. Even Robin’s sister Mel joins the movement and attends the daily vigils. Until now, Robin has managed to keep out of the fights erupting around his apartment block. However, as he now knows: If he wants to bring the truth to light, he will have to leave the sidelines.

- Topics from today’s headlines combined into a white-knuckle thriller
- An exploration of contemporary themes, such as the desire for simple solutions, corruptibility, and potential radicalization


dtv Junior
320 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71870-7
2. Auflage 2020