Wilfried von Bredow

Faster, Lola, Faster! And Other Stories That End With A Bang

A rhyming picture book with four-colour illustrations by Anke Kuhl

All the best stories end in disaster, don’t they? If, like most kids, you love tales where everything goes wrong, you’ll enjoy every moment of Faster, Lola, Faster! Described in a beguiling combination of breezy rhymes and bloodcurdling pictures, here are seven episodes from everyday life – all of them heading inexorably towards the most catastrophic conclusions imaginable: what could be more fun? You’ll bump into little Lola out on her bike, who is Public Enemy Number One on the neighbourhood pavements; Konstantin, who’d much rather be running about on his own than holding his mother’s hand; Lisa, who adamantly refuses to brush her teeth: at first, you’ll think they are all quite normal. Just you wait and see…

Fright and delight are combined with a mischievous touch of schadenfreude in this fascinating book for fearless kids and faint-hearted parents – or should that be the other way round?


Klett Kinderbuch
32 pages, ISBN 978-3-941411-01-2
1. April 2009
Rights sold: Spain (cast., cat.), PR China