The Wild Little Ones - The New Boy

With four-colour illustrations by Susanne Göhlich

A new boy joins the nursery and thuggish Richard wastes no time in laying into him. But the new boy soon fights back!

They are boisterous! They are loud! They mess about constantly! They love each other dearly but never stop arguing! They are Anton, Selin, Mara and the other little ones in the kindergarten’s infant class. There is always something happening when this lot are around – too much, in the view of their teachers! Like a soap opera, these books tell stories of everyday life in kindergarten. The writing is jaunty, funny and frank, although perhaps prone to the occasional exaggeration – just like kids and soap operas, really!


Klett Kinderbuch
32 pages, ISBN 978-3-941411-02-9
1. April 2009
Rights sold: Sweden
Rights available again: Dutch language, Denmark, Norway, PR China, Poland