The Wild Little Ones - At the Swimming Pool

Today the Wild Little Ones are off to the outdoor swimming pool. Everyone is really looking forward to it, except for Adrian, who doesn’t like water much. While Selin, Mara, Anton and the others are having fun playing in the pool, he stays at the edge. But when Richard and Alex start teasing him, he wants to show he can be brave too – so he just heads off in the direction of the three-metre diving board…

A swimming pool outing complete with everything you’d expect: belly-flops, wasp stings, ice-cream and soaking wet pants. Everyone goes home happy, even Adrian – not only does he end up as a climbing champion, secretly admired by the rest of the children, but he manages to go into the water all the way up to his knees!

The Wild Little Ones storm the children’s pool – and there’s not a dry towel in sight.

Press acclaim:

“Inventive mini-dramas that will keep kids glued to the page” (Neue Züricher Zeitung)

“Cleverly written, with no soft-soaping. These books really reflect the reality of children’s lives.” (Tagesspiegel)


Klett Kinderbuch
32 pages, ISBN 978-3-941411-22-7
1. April 2010
Rights sold: PR China