My Life is Beautiful

Babies are always crying. All old people do is sit around. Night is a scary time, when ghosts appear. Is that true? Or maybe the truth is: babies sleep a lot of the time. Old people are constantly on the move. And at night time, it’s nice and cosy at home.

Small children don’t sort their observations into the same boxes that we do. However, these categories do exist, and children get to know them. That’s the Way it Is. Or is it? plays with these thinking stereotypes by mixing them all up in a jumble, and showing one side, then the other.

Eleven strikingly illustrated double-page spreads shows different sorts of people, animals and situations from everyday life.

The scenes will all be familiar to children. But there are many different ways of seeing them. This will give you, your child and the whole family plenty to talk about.

A picture book of higgledy-piggledy observations to help answer children’s many ‘why’ questions – to look at, compare pictures and discuss.

– promotes speech and language skills

– wonderful awareness and perception exercises

– great for recognition, story-telling and reflecting


Klett Kinderbuch
24 pages, ISBN 978-3-941411-34-0
1. Auflage, April 2011