Moni Port

The Book of Courage

Fear can show us the way…

Fear is important. Fear is part of life – no one knows that better from first–hand experience than a child. And it’s good to know how to make certain it never gets the upper hand.

Fear is a profound and exciting subject, and in this book it is explored with a riot of imagination. Moni Port’s compilation of associations, photos and collages, well-known and unusual impressions is not a chamber of horrors but instead a bracing and affirmative foray through our emotional landscape. And precisely because she avoids banal reassurances like “there’s no need to be scared”, the Book of Courage has an immensely uplifting and liberating effect.

  • A wonderful exploration of an important part of the soul


Klett Kinderbuch
112 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-065-3
1. April 2013
Rights sold: Spain (cast., cat.)