Moni Port

There's No Such Thing as Children! - A bedtime story for little monsters

The poor little monster just can’t get to sleep in the mornings because he’s scared of the child in the bed above him – no matter how many times his mother assures him that children don’t exist. But what if they did? When his mother finally falls asleep, totally exhausted, the little monster plucks up all its courage and crawls out from under the bed to check…

At long last, here is a book for little monsters that takes their fear of children seriously and encourages them to confront it head-on. Instead of dismissing their superstitions and just brushing them aside, their belief in children is accepted as a normal stage of development and dealt with in a monster-friendly way.

  • A book of laughter and consolation for all the little monsters who still believe in children.


Klett Kinderbuch
24 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-092-9
1. April 2014
Rights sold: Sweden