Meyer/Lehmann/Schulze, Bernd Lehmann, Frank A. Meyer

The Wild Little Ones at School-School at Last!

Anton, Selin, Mara and Richard have all fetched up in first grade together and survived the first day with flying colours. But now it’s their second day and they reckon it’s about time all this kindergarten rubbish - handicrafts, games and so forth - came to an end. They want to be given proper homework assignments!

By the end of the day they’ve certainly learned something - even if it wasn’t quite what the teacher Frau Schrock had in mind. And as for Frau Schrock, her head is spinning with all the new things she’s found out.

The popular Wild Little Ones are now big schoolchildren, but they haven‘t lost an ounce of their humour and inventiveness - they’re as funny and full of ideas as ever!

  • for children who are looking forward to school and can’t wait for it to start


Klett Kinderbuch
48 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-114-8
1. April 2015