Werner Holzwarth

I Love This but I Hate That!

There’s turkey on Sundays at Omi’s,

But for Sophie that’s a threat, not a promise!

In this delightful rhyming picture-book ten children devote themselves to the subject of food. By turns greedy and disgusted, they tell us what they love and what they hate. They either eat themselves sick or whinge, gripe and go hungry. But either way is fine, because to everyone’s delighted amusement Waldi the gluttonous dachshund can be relied on to devour all the leftovers. Of course the inevitable happens - the little scrounger gets fatter and fatter - until one day the poor perisher steals an entire trout…

In rampant rhymes, varying between mouth-watering and stomach-churning, Werner Holzwarth highlights the all-time hot topic (and pet subject!) of food, recklessly stirring up all manner of tastes.

  • an anarchic gastronomic rhyming picturebook

In this off-colour picture-book, ten children consider

The beauty of lunch and the horrors of dinner

At times filled with greed, and at times with disgust

They say what they love and what they’ll eat if they must

They’ll groan and they’ll moan, but none of it matters

Because the dog eats the scraps, and gets fatter and fatter

Then Waldi the Dachshund one day eats a trout,

The bones stick in his throat and they can’t get them out!


Klett Kinderbuch
32 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-116-2
1. März 2015
Rights sold: The Netherlands