Kai Lüftner

The Storm Knight

A Rage-and-Weather Picture Book

The sky darkens, the ground trembles—the Storm Knight is approaching! Every parent knows that a child’s tantrum can produce dramatics on a grandiose scale. In this striking picture book one such tantrum is represented as a wild weather ballad—under the auspices of the Storm Knight! He rages on behalf of all angry children; he lets the winds howl and the thunder roll. His fury is staggering and boundless. It’s all-embracing and eternal—until the tantrum is over...

This raging tempest is presented in compelling rhymes—accompanied by appropriately tempestuous illustrations.

• an important topic: dealing with—and accepting—anger and sudden mood swings
• forceful rhymes and compelling images


Klett Kinderbuch
32 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-121-6
22. September 2015
Rights available again: Turkey